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The Town Mill Brewery is owned by a small group of investors, a number of whom live in or near Lyme Regis. Originally known as the Malthouse Group, we got together in early 2009 to support the Town Mill Trust in its efforts to acquire the Malthouse from the owners, Western Power Distribution. The building had been the home of Lyme’s electricity generation before the National Grid. As a group, we wanted to ensure that the building was not ‘lost’ to the town and that it again became a part of the Mill complex. For some months it appeared that our support funding would be needed but at the 11th hour, the South West Regional Development Authority (SWRDA) was able to provide the Trust with the necessary funding and our funds were not needed.

Rather than disperse, we agreed that we would take shares in the microbrewery company which had been formed to lease the Malthouse extension which projects over the River Lym. This extension, which was built in 1924, originally housed the batteries which provided Lyme’s overnight electricity.

We believe that the microbrewery complements the other activities of the Town Mill area and we are providing some local employment. We present an attractive operation and generate a great deal of interest from residents and visitors, thereby enhancing Lyme’s tourism business. The operation also acknowledges the historical use of the building as a brewer’s Malthouse.

Town Mill Brewery is the trading name of Lyme Bay Brewing Limited.

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Address: Town Mill Brewery, Mill Lane, Lyme Regis, DT7 3PU
Phone Number: 01297 444354

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